Top Three Fashion Icons

Hello there everyone.

Welcome to my first ever blog post! Ah I’m soooooo excited to share all my thoughts with you on this safe little platform. I’ve actually been sick all day today which seriously sucked but I guess it gave me a chance to finally write and get my first blog post out there. So let’s dive straight into this and let me show you guys my top three fashion icons.

They may not be the standard choices but I love them all and they inspire me so much. I have actually selected all three girls from YouTube as I feel you can see a more day to day basis of outfits from youtubers rather than the more glam options the other types of celebrities go for. Those are more red carpet or public aimed looks in my opinion.

The three I have chosen inspire my own outfits and I can’t help but fall into shock from everything they wear. So here we go. Here are my top three fashion icons (from YouTube) in this particular order.


1) NIKI DEMARTINO from Niki & Gabi


As you can see Niki’s style is very hip and trendy. Every outfit has to contain a dash of blue which I think is completely unique to her and I love it. This girl rocks any outfit she wears and I dress similar to her. Of course I don’t have the confidence to wear some of the things she does but I sure wish I did.

I often see Niki wearing bomber jackets and she adores big rose patterns as well as tigers and t-shirts with designs on the boobs. I may not have included all of those in the collage but trust me, I know what I’m talking about when it come to Niki Demartino.

Niki has a wonderful talent at just choosing items of clothing that all blend together and ‘work’ at the end. She keeps it pretty tumblr but very edgy and hipster all at the same time. White and blue together seems to be her aesthetic. She also wears a lot of red and mustered outfits but I don’t have any  of that colour above. If you want to see those for yourself you can just check her Instagram and you’ll see plenty of red as well as much more cutting edge outfits.



Would you believe that Meredith was the first ever youtuber I subscribed to back in 2014? She holds a very special place in my heart and I’m sure in the future I’ll write much more about her and the different ways she inspires me.

Today however, I shall just be blogging about her amazing style because I absolutely love everything about it. She couldn’t choose a bad outfit if she tried! Her variety is what stands out the most to me personally, as a lot of other youtubers keep it basic and wear shorts with t-shirts or off the shoulder tops. Mere however includes shorts, jeans, skirts, dresses, flannels, tank tops, shirts and even fish nets into her different outfits.

I have noticed that Meredith pairs pretty basic colours together and focuses more on the items of clothing rather than the colour. If she wears a cardigan or jacket she seems to like wearing all tight clothes with the cardigan or jacket hanging loose and baggy. I live for this style and it’s the sort of thing I do as well.

You don’t often see such a variety in one person and as well as that she can rock every type of outfit she goes for. Her style reflects a lot on the season as she wears browns and oranges in autumn contrasting the pinks and lighter coloured clothes in the summer. Mere keeps it trendy, hipster and even glam all at once. You slay queen.


3) TIFFANY from MissTiffanyMa

This girl probably isn’t as well known as the others and I’ll admit that I only found her myself recently but I have to say, she knows what style is. Tiffany stays away from mainsteam trends and tries a more unique approach to her outfits. She’s a lot like Zoella in that way. Now obviously she does have trendy clothes added into her style but it differs a lot from the type of trends most youtubers opt for.

Her outfits vary a little but most focus on either white or black or both. Then, with the black or white, Tiffany pairs it with a bright, feel good colour such as blue or orange. From what I can gather, she loves her dresses and loose, blouse-like tops or play suits but she always has the right item of clothing or accessory to go with it.

Her style inspires me so much when I’m looking for a more out of the box look that’s not quite Lady Ga Ga if you know what I mean 😂 For this reason she’ll stand out to you in any group photos, differing her look slightly from everyone else.


That’s all I have for this post. Thanks so much for reading.


x x x